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Steffen Schulze, M.Sc.

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Steffen Schulze
+49 160 633 49 30
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Date of Birth
26th August 1980
Chausseestr. 1, 03051 Cottbus



Scans of "Abitur", Bachelor and Master Credentials
scans as ZIP


1987 - 1990
26. POS Olga Benario Prestes, Cottbus, Germany
1990 - 1993
27. POS Dr. Richard Sorge, Cottbus, Germany
1993 - 1996
Sportschule, Cottbus, Germany
1996 - 2000
Fuerst Pueckler Gymnasium, Cottbus, Germany


2001 - 2009
Brandenburg University of Technology
Distributed and parallel systems ( network/multicore/grid etc )
Operating systems ( memory management/multitasking etc )
Software architecture
Bachelor of Science - Information and Media Technology
Topic of Bachelor's thesis: Compression and aggregation in a network layer
Master of Science - Information and Media Technology
Topic of Master's thesis: Analysing and refactoring of a application source (Sacred 2)

Career history

2007 - 2009 (studio closed)
Studio2 / Ascaron Entertaiment
2010-2011 (studio closed)
49 Games
Fishlabs Entertainment
Bravis International GmbH
BTU Cottbus Senftenberg
BitSpree GmbH

Products Involved


Software engineering


Hardware and operating systems

Tools and Apps

Middleware and Libs





My evolution (german)

Work samples

Bachelor thesis - Compression and aggregation in sensor networks
Academic: To reduce energyconsumption in deep embedded systems the network communitcation should be aggregate and compressed. The goal was achieved and brings also a networkperformance boost in most of the scenarios. Final version was fastest ever written in this exercise course.
thesis PDF | source ZIP
Master thesis - Analysing and refactoring of a application source (Sacred 2)
Academic: Analysis of repeating problems in a given architecture and find common refactorings. The given subject was the code of Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel. A multi-platform computer game with multiplayer
thesis PDF
Game Prototype - C++ (circa 2010)
Private: P2P Bomberman clone with rendering based on Dark GDK and network by RakNet.
source ZIP

Other work

Object Description Language - GarAtom
Private/Professional: Pipeline to describe Objects and auto generate serveral tools, code and data for differant target languages.
Custom Memory Management C++
Academic: dynamic memory management with various strategies.
Linux Shell
Academic: A shell that supports ipc through pipes.
Preamptive Multitasking OS
Academic: The preamptive multitasking OS, which was coded from scratch in Operating Systems 1 gets separate address spaces for every process and virtual memory.
Game Of Life for Grid Computing
Academic: Game Of Life in a distributed and parallel system.
Distributed Shared Memory
Academic: Distributed dynamic memory. A process gets Memory from a subsytem which holds the memory data consistent on all distributed machines.
3kb OpenGL/C++ Framework
Private: A framework for OpenGL applications which in C++. The executable only needs 3kb. ( windows )
Runtime Texture Generator
Private: Generates Textures from a small scriptcode (circa 4 - 10 byte). ( windows ) - university community page
Private: My first bigger project with PHP/SQL. On this page students of my university share scripts, links and so on. Before i was enforced to close it, there was more than 600 active members.
Game Prototype
Private: A Spaceship OpenGL-Game with Iso-View. Objects was LUA controlled (i.e. enemy KI). ( windows )
Game Prototype
Private: A Spaceship OpenGL-Game with Top-View. System independent code (clanlib) and prepared for P2P multiplayer ( distributed Objects ).
Private: Some webpages with PHP/SQL/XML to calculate various things for Eve-Online.

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